GP 6

Protective stain release concentrate, stain-resistant for porcelain floor tiles

Product water-based film-forming not that does not alter the appearance of the material. Drastically reduces the adhesion of dirt by facilitating the cleanability of the surface.

Characteristics and use: on all types of Stone Materials micro-porous absorbents such as shiny porcelained stoneware or lapped and synthetic agglomerations. Special for the pre-protection of ceramic materials in the coating/floor, before the grouting with the cement slurries, colored and/or supplemented with latexes.
Instructions for Use: Shake before use. You èuò use pure or diluted (max 1:5 in water). Spray a small quantity of product on the surface by evenly distributing the latter with spandicera fleece/soft cloth, wetting homogeneously the material. After a few minutes to polish the surface with a soft cloth or single-brush scrubber equipped with hard white soft or hard in microfiber. Any excess product after drying must be removed by reviewing a cloth moistened GP 6 on the surface. The product, just dry (15 - 30 minutes) is immediately walkable. GP 6 must be reapplied periodically, even only in confined areas of the floorings, in function of the frequency of washings and the treading surface (generally every 3- 6 months).
Yield: indicatively 1 lt / 40-60 sqm.