Protective it antistains anti-dirtily for joint

Anti-dirty hydro-oil-repellent product for cement and synthetic joint placed in interior and outside. Easily applicable, it maintains the clean escapes and does not create films.

CHARACTERISTICS AND USE: protective with specific oil-repellent properties that there reduces drastically the ability of absorption of the fluid substances, particularly those fat, for any type of cement and synthetic escapes, reducing or cancelling their macchiabilità. Inolte, reduces significantly the absorption of the dirty thing, facilitating so the cleaning. It forms a transparent superficial chemical barrier, not filmogena, perspiring, resisted the atmospheric agents.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE USE: to spray the product directly on the escapes, to wet them uniformly with the help from a cloth and to remove the excess from the tile. Normally it dries in 1-2 hours. On the very absorbing materials there can be necessary the application of two hands of product.
YIELD: as the absorption from the materials. On average 1 lt / 6-10 mq.