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Cleaner smacchiante nautical and bleach for the teak intensive cleaner for removal of the patina of aging (graying and residues of algae and molds) of teak exposed outside in the marine environment. CHARACTERISTICS: renews the natural appearance of wood aged in giving a new appearance and preparing the surface for the application of a new protection. Not removes varnish or paint. High biodegradability. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake before use. Apply the product with a brush or sponge on the wood wetting abundantly the surface. Keep the wetted surface for 10-20 minutes; if necessary to reapply the product. Brush vigorously with the broom of sorghum or with nylon brush drive in a longitudinal direction with respect to the veins until the wood does not appears clean. Wash thoroughly with fresh water and leave to dry. It is recommended to protect the wood by applying 1-2 hands of King teak. YIELD depending on the absorption of materials. In the recovery of old wood 1lt / 6 - 8 sqm. As stain remover 1 lt / 12 - 15 mq


Degreasing detergent nautical multipurpose nautical Cleaner for cleaning: gelacoat, rafts, plastics, SKAI, fenders, PVC, aluminum and other metals Characteristics: Cleaner detergent professional degreaser concentrate for the removal of the dirt even the most obstinate accumulated on the surfaces of boats and rafts. Removes dust, oily film, grease and organic residues from the external surfaces renewing the color and leaving them clean and without residues greasy. Easy rinsing and leaves no rows or halos. High biodegradability. Instructions for Use: Pure to remove dirt extreme. Diluted 1:1 to remove heavy dirt. Diluted 1:5 to remove the normal deposit of dirt. Spray the product on the surface to be cleaned and let it act for a few seconds (dirty light) or for a few minutes (heavy dirt). Wipe the surface with a sponge, soft cloth or microfiber cloth until the removal of the dirt. Rinse with water. Yield: 1lt / 20-30 mq


Marine nautical revitalizing protective boat for boats Protective oil-specific protective product for the protection of the most exposed in marine environments. It penetrates into the porosity of fibers without creating superficial films. It leaves the natural appearance of wood unchanged . CHARACTERISTICS: The protection obtained with KING TEAK has high water vapor permeability and allows wood to "breathe" and do not retain moisture inside, thus inhibiting conditions conducive to the development of microorganisms (fungi and molds) that are harmful to wood. The protection obtained with KING TEAK can be easily preserved and renewed over time (periodic maintenance) by applying a new product passage and without the need for costly recovery (eg sanding, squeaking). INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake well KING TEAK before use. Apply with a brush by homogenously wetting the wood following its absorption and without leaving any excess. After 20 - 30 minutes, buffer any unused product surplus by rubbing the surface with a soft cloth / dry brush / soft brush. Any second hand will apply as soon as the first is dry (12 to 24 hours). YIELD: depending on the absorption of wood: 1lt / 10-15 sqm


Nautical cleaner in polishing and protective cream for stainless steel Professional cream eliminates rust, suitable for polishing stainless steel surfaces of boats and restoring brilliance. CHARACTERISTICS: cleans, shrinks and polishes the surfaces of stainless steel, opaque with use and contact with the marine environment. Renews and restores the original brilliance of bits, ladders, handrails, cranks, etc. giving effective protection to salt. Easy and safe to use. Neutral product: contains no acids or alcalines. It does not leave any vines after use. Do not exhale harmful fumes. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: product ready to use. Shake before using. Pour a small amount of product onto a damp sponge or microfiber cloth. Rinse the surface for a few seconds to polish until the formation of a dark patina. Remove the excess product and rub the surface with a dry soft cloth until it is brilliant. YIELD: depending on the dirt


Nautical detergent for cleaning and removing greasy and greasy dirt Strong cleanser cleaner for bilge pulses and other areas of the hull that are dirty from lubricants CHARACTERISTICS: Concentrated product designed to clean the bilge walls and any other surface of the hull that are contaminated by EXTREME SPORTS (oils, grease, oil, lubricants and sludge). Neutralizing effect on any battery fluid dispersion. It effectively removes residues and scaling of algae, molds and fungi. It does not damage plastic, rubber, fabrics, metals. INSTRUCTION FOR USE: Clean to remove extreme dirt. Spray the product and let it operate for 2/3 minutes then rinse with plenty of water or with compressed air. No need to rub. Diluted 1: 5-15 to remove heavy and particularly obstinate dirt. Diluted 1: 20-30 to remove the normal dirt deposits. Use as a detergent over the surface to be cleaned. Diluted 1: 50 as a cleaner for frequent washing (maintenance). YIELD: depending on the dirt


Nautical detergent for glass and plexiglass Cleaner for orderly cleaning of glossy surfaces CHARACTERISTICS: it cleans the material perfectly, leaving it brilliant and unbleached. Dry quickly and without rinse. Little foaming. Usable on all surfaces even the most delicate as polished marble. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: ready to use. Spray the product directly onto the surface and clean with a soft, dry cloth. YIELD: depending on the dirt


Anti-degradable and anti-dirt nautical protective wax based on water Specific finisher that integrates and improves the protection provided by the base inflatable treatment. Applicable on materials in hypapon, pvc, rubber  CHARACTERISTICS: Shape a "shield" consisting of a highly resistant micro-layer that gives the surface of the inflatable boat treated with greater water repellency and anti-dirt protection. If used periodically (every 6 to 12 months) it closes the very small cracks or porosities that can be created in the base protective layer, greatly increasing the durability and protective capacity of the inflatable. As a result, it is easier to clean and renew it over time, making it easier and convenient to maintain regular maintenance. It does not alter the treated color. It rejuvenates and enlivens the surface giving it new brilliance. Made in water for easy and safe use. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake before use. Ready to use. If necessary, clean the surface by removing dirt with DIA-MOND BOAT. Spread REFLEX with sponge (on surfaces), soft cloth / spool (on tubular) or brush (on rough surfaces) by wetting a thin, uniform layer on the surface avoiding excesses and dirt. Just one hand of REFLEX is enough. In case of degradation you can also give a second hand. Dry quickly in 20-30 minutes. No need to polish. Rinse the equipment with water before drying the product. YIELD: 1lt - 30/40 sqm


Nautical detergent for rust removal Metal oxide rust remover cleaner for gealcoat, stainless steel and other metals CHARACTERISTICS: specific cleanser for anti-oxidation and anti-oxidation cleaning. Eliminates rust, limestone, and oxidation marks that form on the surfaces of boats as a result of their exposure to the marine environment. Do not smoke. It is not flammable. High biodegradability. INSTRUCTION FOR USE: apply the product with the aid of a brush or sponge and wait for 90 seconds. Wipe the surface with a brush with nylon or sponge bristles. Repeat the operation after 90 seconds. Do not exceed 10 minutes of product contact with the surface. After treatment, rinse abundantly with water. YIELD: depending on the dirt to be removed


Nautical impregnation for water repellent water repellent treatment Emulsion impregnation based on water-repellent non-filmogenic protective coatings with HALS stabilizers, UV absorbers and pigments. CHARACTERISTICS: water-repellent solvent-free aqueous emulsion for the degradation of teak placed in the marine environment. The presence of UV absorbers, pigments and film stabilizers (HALS) in the product guarantees high resistance to atmospheric agents. Do not create superficial films that do not spell or spit. It rejuvenates the teak color without giving a strong toning effect. The protection obtained with TEAK UP has high water vapor permeability and allows the wood to "breathe" and do not retain moisture inside, thus inhibiting the conditions favorable to the development of microorganisms (fungi and molds) that are harmful to wood. The protection obtained with TEAK UP can be easily preserved and renewed over time (periodic maintenance) by applying a new product passage and without the need for costly recovery (eg sanding). INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Shake well TEAK UP before use. Do not dilute. The product can be applied with a brush or sponge by wetting the wood surface homogeneously. Dry quickly (30-60 min.) And immediately apply the second-hand product. It is not necessary to sneak into one hand. Rinse the equipment with water. PERIODIC MAINTENANCE (6-12 months): Wash the surfaces protected with DELUXE TEAK. When the wood surface looks deteriorated and smudges, reapply TEAK UP. The renewal cycle of protection depends on many factors: wood type, exposure and use, climatic conditions. An optimal protection can last 1-2 years or more. YIELD: Depending on the absorption of wood. - indicatively 1lt / 10-15 sqm



Nautical detergent for sails Cleaner for white and colored sails in nylon, kevlar, acrylic, dacron, k and other sail materials. Ideal also for cleaning awnings, covers and sails, etc. CHARACTERISTICS: Special cleaner for the professional need of sailors. Quickly removes molds, salt smogs, excrements etc. from the sails of the boats, restoring their original color and brilliance. It does not weaken the fibers and does not ruin the colors of the sails. The product is eco-compatible and is readily biodegradable. Low foaming. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: product ready to use. Spray VELABIANCA on the surface to be treated and wait for a few minutes. Wipe the surface with a sponge or nylon brush until the full spraying is removed. Rinse with water. YIELD: depending on the dirt