Leveling anti-dust protection for stone materials

Product resin-wax emulsion for the treatment of leveling down of terracotta materials, stone and concrete laid inside. Wicks the material and eliminates dusting.

FEATURES AND USE: on all kinds of medium-high absorption stone materials with as stones, Cotto, cement, mineral plasters. As absorption leveling down and stain in wax treatments. Specifically as anti-dusting protection and surface riaggregante for decoesi materials. For indoor.
INSTRUCTIONS: using pure or diluted in water. Apply with fleece applicator (floor), soft cloth, sponge, brush (very rough surfaces only). It should be spread in a thin layer wetting the surface homogeneously and without excesses. It dries quickly, usually in 1-2 hours. On difficult surfaces wettability (ie. Above the water-repellent or stain protection) rub the product on the surface facilitating even application.