Wax opaque maintenance for floors in stone material

Emulsion product resino-opaque waxy which renews and preserves in time treatment of initial finish on surfaces in cotto, natural stone, grits, cement and clinker, without creating surface films

CHARACTERISTICS AND USE: on all types of stone material absorbent (cotto, natural stone, grits, cements, klinker) treated with waxs. Renews and preserves in time the protective features and aesthetic characteristics of the initial treatment without determining the phenomena of peel or wax buildup. Constitutes a micro-resino layer-surface waxy easily cleanable and renewable in routine maintenance by reducing the formation of scratches persistent black and the accumulation of dirt. Leaves no unpleasant odours in the premises. For internal use.
Instructions for Use: you normally use pure. Shake well before use. Distribute small amounts of REFIX directly on the clean surface or on a soft cloth and spread the product in thin layer uniformly wetting the surface without leaving excesses. Do not ride roughshod during drying. It is not necessary to repolish. Frequency of use - every 1- 2 months: on the surfaces intensely flouted and subject to severe wear (e.g. shops, public spaces, offices, kitchens, bar, restaurants etc.) - every 3 - 6 months: on the surfaces a moderate use (e.g. salt, inputs, bathrooms). - Every 6 - 12 months: on the surfaces to less wear (e.g. night areas, remittances)
Yield: indicatively 1lt / 30 -40 square meters.

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