Anti-maintainer finisher dirt and wear on water basis

Description: O/w emulsion-based acrylic emulsions-stiroliche and mineral waxes.

Fields of application: for the maintenance of all the little absorbent stone materials (eg. Marble, granite, natural stone, cement and grains, Gres) also polished. For internal use.

Performance: resinous emulsion with high mechanical strength and wear resistance. Anti-laundering maintainer finisher with excellent protective capacity and resistance to traffic. Gives the material a very bright finish, resistant to water and detergents. Easy to remove with normal de-wax (es. METALSTRIP). Protects hydro-protective oil repellents wear background ("sacrificial" protection) and on a micro-layer material resino-easy ease of waxy and preservation over time at home. It has excellent stendibilit to facilitate your application with mop, undiluted, fleece cloth with low speed machines.

Instructions for use: shake before use. Apply the product in small amounts on a soft cloth and spread thinly and evenly over the surface. Do not step on the product during drying.

Periodicit of use:

-every 4-6 months: on surfaces heavily trampled and subject to heavy wear (e.g. shops, public buildings, bars, restaurants, kitchens, entryways, bathrooms, etc.).

-every 10-12 months: little trampled surfaces subject to heavy wear (e.g. night areas, rooms, etc). On surfaces with FINE MARBLE mantained it is recommended that you use a cleaning product like PULI EVERYTHING

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