Maintainer for hardwood floors

Description: O/w emulsion of waxes, resins, non-ionic surfactants.

Fields of application: maintainer of all wooden surfaces varnished, oiled or waxed.

Performance: renews and keeps in the long run the protective and aesthetic characteristics of initial treatment without determining phenomena of Peel or wax buildup. Is a micro-layer resino-surface easy to clean waxy renewable in routine maintenance and reducing the risk of scratches and dulling due to wear from foot traffic. The dry residue that forms the protection on non-toxic material. It does not release toxic or harmful components in environments. It's auto-cleans and re-Polish.

Instructions for use: you use pure or diluted in water. Shake before use. Spread small amount of BEAUTIFUL HARDWOOD FLOORS on the surface or directly onto a soft cloth and spread the product evenly in a thin layer by wetting the surface without leaving excesses. Do not step on the product during drying. It's unnecessary and self-polishing re-polishing. For greater shine, after drying (15 – 30 minutes) rub the treated surface with wool or cloth polisher with pads. BEAUTY FLOOR can be rilucidato single dry and soft discs or polishing to remove the signs of wear and renew the shine.

Usage: Periodicit

-every 1-2 months: on surfaces heavily trampled and subject to heavy wear (shops, public buildings, offices, kitchens, bars, restaurants, etc.).

-every 4-6 months: on surfaces to moderate use (halls, vestibules, bathrooms)

-every 6-12 months: less wear surfaces (e.g. sleeping area, remittances). Surfaces treated with BEAUTIFUL PARQUET FLOORS should be cleaned with neutral detergents CLEAN WOOD type.

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