Maintenance wax for wood floors and varnished parquet

Product that renovates and protects over time the initial coating of interior wood flooring

CHARACTERISTICS AND USE: maintenance of all wood surfaces and varnished parquet. Reliable and easy to clean, it leaves a pleasing fragrance in the environment. Do not use on laminate.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Use pure or diluted in water. Shake before use. Distribute small quantities of BEAUTY FLOOR onto the surface or directly on a soft cloth and spread the product in thin layer by homogenously wetting the surface without leaving any excess. Do not step over the product during drying. It is self-clarifying and it is not necessary to redraw. For greater gloss, after drying (15-30 minutes) rub the surface treated with wool cloth or felt polish.
Frequency of use:
YIELD: Indicatively: 1 lt / 50-80 sqm.