Water based anti-stain and anti-use

Product, resin-waxy emulsion for the finish of wooden surfaces placed indoor. It protects from stains and dirt oil treated wooden surfaces

CHARACTERISTICS AND FIELD OF USE: on all types of wooden inside surfaces (floors, coverings, furnitures, structures).
INSTRUCTIONS OF USE: shake before use. On floors and on large surfaces: spread BIOTOP with fleece/sponge/soft cloth and distribute a thin and uniform layer of product and avoiding excesses. It's enough, generally, only one coat of BIOTOP. When dry (generally 1-2 hours), polish with a brush in nylon or in tampic or discs in soft plastic fibers. On furnitures, frames, small structures, exc., apply the pèroduct with absorbent cloth or sponge and distribute a thin and uniform layer of the product avoiding excesses. Rinse the equipments with water before the drying of the product.
YIELD: Generally 1 lt 30-40 sqm.
PACKAGING: 1 lt - 5 lt - 10 lt.