Anti-vegetative protective finish for external stone materials

Product emulsion resin-wax resistant to atmospheric agents for the baked finish, stone, concrete conglomerates, laid outdoors.

FEATURES AND USE: on absorbent stone materials (Cotto, Stone, Concrete) placed outside. It promotes the cleanability of the floorings exposed to the outside. It drastically reduces the growth of algae on surfaces. Always use a primer on water and oil repellent (eg. TIM-TON 25-IDROTON).
INSTRUCTIONS: it is used pure or diluted in water. Apply with fleece applicator (floor), soft cloth, sponge, brush (very rough surfaces only). It should be spread in a thin layer wetting the surface homogeneously and without excesses. It dries quickly, usually in 1-2 hours. In general, it is sufficient only one hand; on materials with very rough surfaces it can be useful to a second passage. Protect or avoid that the surfaces are treated just wet from rain before 6-8 hours after application. Do not apply on hot surfaces in the hours in strong sunlight, on a windy day, or at temperatures below 5 ° C.

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