Oil-ceramic maintenance finisher for waxed or oiled wood floors

Produced in liquid solution of oils and waxes. It polishes, cleans and renovates wooden surfaces.

CHARACTERISTICS AND USE: on all types of wood surfaces treated with oil or wax inside (parquet, coatings, furniture). Do not use on varnished floors. It cleans the surface leaving a satin wax finish, with excellent resistance to tread and dirt. Easily renewable and restoreable over time.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: on the floor, sprinkle small amounts of LIGNOLUX on the surface and distribute the product in thin layer with a soft cloth without excess, until completely dry. On coatings and furniture, apply LIGNOLUX by spray / cloth / brush, homogenously wetting the surface without excess. Just dry the surface, polish with brush / pad / soft cloth. Generally, it is sufficient to apply a LIGNOLUX hand. Only on very rough and extremely irregular wooden surfaces may be required to apply a second hand. Rinse the equipment with DILUOIL before drying the product.
YIELD: Approximately 1 lt / 30-40 sqm.

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