Anti-stain and anti-dirt finisher for lapdei materials

Product resin-wax emulsion with glossy effect for the final treatment of terracotta materials, stone and concrete laid in inside. Wicks the material, facilitates routine maintenance.

FEATURES AND USE: on all types of absorbent stone material (brick, natural stone, cast stone, cement, clinker). For internal use.
INSTRUCTIONS: normally uses pure. Shake well before use. Application types:
The product is distributed by spreader fleece, cloth or sponge. It should be spread in a thin layer wetting the surface homogeneously and without excesses. Apply the second coat as soon as the first is dry. IDROFIN POLISHED can also be distributed with the technique "spray-buffing" with a single brush (max speed 400 revolutions / min.) Fitted with a medium hardness disc, in particular on the smooth surfaces. It dries quickly, usually in 2-3 hours in well-ventilated areas.

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