Diluent / solvent Non-odorless aliphatic diluent

Product for the dilution of solvent-impregnated products

CHARACTERISTICS AND USE: specific product for cleaning all wood surfaces and diluting finishes based on resins-oils and waxes. It can also be used on absorbent building materials (terracotta and stones). It does not leave edges and does not stain the wood essence.
INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: spread DILUOIL on the surface and allow it to work for a few minutes. Wipe the surface with a single-spat with a medium hard disk, a pad or a rag. Remove and collect residues. Clean the surface with DILUOIL wetted clean cloth. As a diluent it can be used in all concentrations.
YIELD: Depending on the consistency of the dirt to be removed or the degree of dilution required.

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