Crystalising powder for polishing marble and travertine

Product in powder for the crystallization in the wet of flooring in marble. Gives lustre to the surface without creating films. Maintains the natural appearance of marble, renders the surfaces that are not very permeable to water and dirt, facilitating cleaning.

Characteristics and use: on all the stone materials lucidabili calcareous. Do not use on granite, slates, sandstone, ceramic materials, synthetic agglomerations.
Instructions for Use: Ready to use. Wet the pavement with water. Pour 20-60 gr (a fist) of powder KW-P on the surface, place the white disk on the powder and spraying water in the area surrounding the disk of the single-brush scrubber up to obtain a creamy consistency of the powder. Proceed working on 1-2 square meters at a time for a few minutes. Add water to maintain the creamy product. Then proceed as above. Do not leave to dry the paste on the surface! Finished the crystallization process, remove with aspiraliquidi. After the crystallization of the entire surface, cleansing with mild detergent solution (e.g. UNIPUL diluted 5% in water).

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