Acid crystallizer in powder for marble and travertine

Powder for the crystallization of marble and travertine surfaces. The powder gives brightness to the surfaces without creating films and keeping the natural aspect. It makes the surface permeable to water and dirt making the cleaning easier.

CHARACTERISTICS AND USE: KW-P is a powder crystallising for the polishing of marbles, travertines and calcareous stones that can be polished. Do not apply on granites, slates, sandstone, ceramic materials, synthetic agglomerates.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: the product can be used with floor scrubber and white disc (on floors and big surfaces) or with a drill equipped with a backing pad with wool polishing bonnet (on little surfaces, as tops, shelves, tables, etc). On badly corroded surfaces we recommend to sand down in advance the material with an abrasive paper of grain 400 and 800.

YIELD: depending on the porosity and the material to polish and on the number of applications. Ordinarily: 1 kg /30 - 40 m².

PACKAGING: 800gr - 4 kg