Prodotti Chimici e Sistemi di Pulizia, Trattamento e Manutenzione per tutte le superfici di casa

marbecdef2 Ltd is a company born from the experience and deep technical knowledge gained over the years by the founding partners in the chemical industry for the treatment of absorbent building materials.

ACTIVITY CHEMISTRY The corporate goal is

the construction, improvement and enhancement of formulated non-hazardous to humans and the environment that they are fully functional and compatible with the characteristics of the absorbing material: regeneration, aesthetic appeal, versatility Decorative, recyclability. Brick, stone, natural, agglomerated cementitious and synthetic wood are the main materials that benefit from the efficiency of the formulations developed by our company which are developed in all stages of the production process: research and development, production and sale.

marketing of products is supported by a technical assistance service integrated, continuously updated for maximum reliability and expertise to the industry and the end user.