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Lumber treatment: nice work January pi

Alcuni dei lavori più belli eseguiti dalla falegnameria Da Prada

Il lavoro piu bello del mese

What->elem5<-s more="" romantic="" and="" cozy="" during="" the="" cold="" season="" of="" a="" chalet="" with="" beautiful="" fireplace="" in="" mountains="" all="" decked="" out="" wood="" h2="">


Probably nothing and that->elem5<-s among="" the="" candidates="" for="" job="" pi="" in="" month="" of="" january="" we="" decided="" to="" talk="" about="" these="" beautiful="" works="" performed="" by="" company="" prada="" span="">a historic joinery presenton the market since the years ->elem5<- 50="" strong=""> specialized in lprocessing wood and in particularIRIS worked, relief grain and hand planed.

The aged effect always very impressive and creates a magical atmosphere for this important treat surfacesin wood with the right products so as to achieve the desired effect.


Hand planed wood treatment with Marbec finishes

The professionals at Prada in this case have treated the material with productsOX FIVE PLUS and TIROIL.

OIX FIVE PLUS the Aging wood strong solution, compatible with subsequent oil and paint finishes.

Experts in woodworking in this case have distributed the product onto the surfaceusing a brush, evenly to avoid to create zones of excess product. Aging action takes place progressively until the material is not dry; Typically it takes 6 to 12 hours. With an abrasive paper or retina professionals have removed the grinding of the wood.

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At this point the State can proceed to the second phase of the treatment, which is the stage of protection of wooden surfaces. In this case the product is usedTIROIL.

TIROIL the impregannte protective waxy oil in solvent, penetrating sealer for wooden surfaces indoors and cutlery.

This specific product forms a tough protection, easily-repolishable and able to keep up very well over time, without forming surface film.

The product was distributed with spadicera fleece, brush or rag and left 30-60 minute Act, whichever is applicable; After that Prada->elem5<-s professionals="" have="" removed="" excess="" product="" from="" the="" surface="" by="" wiping="" it="" with="" disc="" or="" soft="" cloth="" and="" applied="" a="" second="" coat="" using="" same="" procedure="" after="" that="" was="" possible="" to="" polish="" p="">

Carrying out the treatment

Firm that carried out the work

From Prada Furniture

Via Statale, 33 Aprica (SO) 23034

Lab in the hamlet of Prada


Email [email protected]

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