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Scratches, stains, dust and relaxation: 5 things to know about parquet

Le sensazioni di benessere che produce un parquet sono insostituibili. Ma per goderselo appieno, il parquet deve essere ben tenuto. Alcuni consigli per godersi il proprio pavimento.

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The parquet floor. Unlike cold materials like stone or synthetic, wood floors a natural material. Often you forget but the strips that form your parquet were tree trunks before being cut and painted.

Probably these characteristics make the parquet flooring absolutely one of the most beloved. In fact, the benefits are numerous: being wood parquet an insulator, it avoids heat dispersion and conserve the heat from the radiators. Also not cool to the touch: walking barefoot on the floor produces a feeling of well-being, in addition to doing good for your health.

However, like all good things and useful, even the parquet requires some care. In this article we list the 5 most important things for us to have a perfect parquet that will let you run around barefoot for home. Do we start?

1. just a staticide wipe to remove dust

One of the problems of the parquet that tends to accumulate dust. If you remove it, the layer deposited on the floor is likely to make it opaque, eliminating all our efforts to have a floor to walk in freedom.

Remove dust from the parquet very easy: just pass a staticide wipe on the surface. Attention to the type of cloth to: to avoid scratching the parquet you should use a soft cloth, possibly aMicrofiber cloth for parquet. This will be sufficient to remove dust from the parquet.

2. Use only detergents for parquet

Sometimes a sprinkling insufficient to remove unsightly opacity or stains from the floor. The parquet to a natural floor. You can->elem5<-t clean="" up="" with="" the="" first="" cleanser="" that="" were="" found="" in="" closet="" did="" we="" mention="" parquet="" an="" organic="" material="" although="" seasoned="" and="" treated="" for="" this="" use="" a="" strong="">product designed for the wood fibers. In short, you need a specific detergent for the parquet. This way you don->elem5<-t lean="" on="" your="" floor="" and="" ruin="" the="" fibers="" walking="" a="" well="" polished="" will="" be="" even="" more="" enjoyable="" p="">

3. A treatment every six months and when new parquet

As we saw in the previous article, the oiled parquet retains the characteristics of wood materials and aesthetic. However this type of flooring needs extra care. must apply periodically a nutritional product for parquet oiled. This is a very simple operation. Just pour a little with a sponge on the pavimetno to eliminate unsightly signs such as the sgommature (the traces left from shoes) and the opaqueness of the parquet, which ruin the pleasure of a parquet nicely polished.

4. Remove scratches from hardwood floors, with some forethought and the right products

The best gift you can make to your parquet not scratching it. The scratches are engraved in wood and in fact don->elem5<-t go="" away="" unless="" we="" make="" a="" pi="" expensive="" intervention="" to="" avoid="" arriving="" at="" these="" levels="" just="" some="" forethought="" as:="" p="">

  • Beware of pebbles under the shoes. If you have a House with a garden, a good idea to spread a mat by the door. This way you can eat your shoes and do not carry any pebbles inside;
  • Apply the felt pads under the feet of chairs. Eviterenno floor protectors that chair legs scrape the surface;
  • Never drag furniture! Drag the furniture, especially heavy ones, deleterious. If you must, rise, so your legs don->elem5<-t righino="" the="" floor="" li="">

If your parquet scratched, you can still do something. There are some products that will help you out. Sure, will not do miracles, but will help you remove scratches from hardwood floors, at least aesthetically. Unfortunately with the floors painted there to do anything. They are more durable, but when you scratch ... well, you have to keep the scratches. simple instead remove scratches from hardwood floors with finish oil or wax. To remove scratches from hardwood floors to oil you need an impregnation, such as those listed in the link. You can hide the scratches from the parquet treatment and staying indoors on a floor as good as new!

5. Beware of tannin stains

Under each pot hazards lurk in every radiator for your parquet. Why? Simple:leaky radiators, saucers from which filters the water, pet urine stains of wine, coffee and other organic leave to dry stain parquet very easily. These liquids are the worst enemies of wood floors: you have to intervene before they dry out otherwise you->elem5<-re in="" trouble="" when="" these="" organic="" substances="" come="" into="" contact="" with="" wooden="" surfaces="" causing="" the="" rising="" of="" tannin="" a="" chemical="" dye="" present="" vegetables="" strongly="" sometimes="" damage="" is="" done="" before="" we="" can="" make="" any="" if="" your="" flooring="" has="" this="" type="" stain="" eliminate="" them="" href="/it/catalogo-prodotti/Pulitore-Smacchiatore-Smacchio Legno.html" title="Prodotto pulitore intensivo per la rimozione della patina d’invecchiamento (ingrigimento) dei legni posati in esterno. Rimuove macchie ed aloni di tannino." target="_blank" rel="nofollow" data-mce-href="/it/catalogo-prodotti/Pulitore-Smacchiatore-Smacchio Legno.html">stain remover for wood floors. This product will enjoy parquet floors and stains from a perfectly clean.

Now that the parquet clean, walk barefoot!

So much effort to get a clean parquet farna no use? Nothing more wrong! A parquet clean perfectly made to be used! Walking barefoot a good place to start, a great exercise for the body. Did you know? Many believe that walking barefoot face bad for your health. Instead the other way around, because walking barefoot it reactivates the circulation and deflate your legs. Not only that but also the tactile sensitivity of the feet is improved. For this on a smooth wooden floors, from which they were removed dust, smudges, lines and other signs, walking barefoot a must! Then enjoy your wood floor with our recommendations and email us to let us know your experiences!

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