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Recovery and treatment of a terracotta ruined


The object of the intervention was the recovery of a terracotta flooring of a house in Tuscany has the phenomenon called "cotto" smallpox ". The deterioration of treatment had the appearance of anti-aesthetic rounded small halos (1-4 cm) color clear with respect to the remaining IP surface.


The cause of this phenomenon, the humidity lifts from the substrate moist and the lack of breathability (air permeability to water vapor) of protective treatment. Initially the cotto was washed with SGRISER wax remover to remove the degraded treatment. After washing with neutralizante VIACEM diluted 1:5 in water and dry surface (after 5-6 days) applied the stain removal product EXCEL PLUS. Then the treatment was done with the emulsion resino – PRIMAMANO wax and dirt and wear protection theDROFIN MATT . Recovered surface now appears perfectly protected.


The work was performed by the company:

SERVICE POINT of Rosella and Isidori Paul Campbell-Via San Michele 23/25 53042 Chianciano Terme (SI) 0578 www.punto-service.info 30475

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