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Christmas 2018: useful tips for preparing the house - Part One

How to make the house shining and welcoming


 27 November 2018


How to clean the surfaces of the house before Christmas

Recover of a painted parquet

Is it possibile to recover a painted parquet without having to sand the surface? Yes, it is!


 29 October 2018


Lignolife is the perfect solution to recover painted wooden surfaces

How to clean the stainless steel of our kitchens

Discover our tips to always have the perfect kitchen without too much effort!


 07 September 2018


Steel is beautiful and practical, but how to keep it clean and shiny?

An effective anti-infiltration treatment: ACQUABLOCK

Do you know that this is the best time to prevent water infiltration?


 20 August 2018


The anti-infiltration treatment to make your surfaces beautiful and safe!

How to prepare the house before leaving for the holidays: the 15 indispensable things

Close to departure? Here is our check list to leave the perfect home!


 02 August 2018


When we leave for a more or less short period it is important to prepare the house to find it at its best. Check out our tips!

How to wash a parquet floor?

Our tips for treating parquet surfaces


 25 July 2018


How to clean the parquet without risking damaging it?

Rust stains on stone: how to take them off?

Remove rust stains from surfaces


 10 July 2018


Rust is an insidious enemy for our floors: let's see how to defeat it!

A range of professional floor cleaners: second part

How to clean and maintain the indoor surfaces at best


 27 June 2018


Each surface has its own product: find out which ones are the best for you!

Cleaning and maintenance of outdoor wood furniture

Come pulire al meglio i mobili e le strutture in legno esterni


 10 February 2017


How to clean outdoor furniture and wooden structures in the best and easiest way.

Exterior wood treatment

Le migliori soluzioni per trattare le superfici esterne in legno


 02 February 2017


The best solutions to treat wooden surfaces

Marble grit floors and tiles of the recovery years 40-50

Due interventi professionali eseguiti con i prodotti Marbec


 02 December 2016


The grit is an ancient material used for flooring of elegant, classic style. In this article we will see the two interventions carried out to retrieve a grit and a terrazzo flooring and all the steps taken to achieve these good results.

We introduce ourselves: the story of Marbec

In quest'articolo vi parliamo della nostra azienda


 23 August 2016

Foto gruppo Marbec

A group of professionals, respect for values such as safety, nature and effectiveness. Here's who is behind Marbec cleaning products.

Treatment and cleaning of floors: 3 tips to protect it

Il cotto è un materiale di grande pregio. Ma bisogna difenderlo per farlo durare


 23 March 2016

marbecdef2 - Recupero e trattamento su un pavimento in cotto

Tips for cleaning and treatment of a Terracotta: composition of baked, products, skin care.

Wet treatment of a limestone façade


 13 November 2015


The work was done with our new product OIL WET (water-oil repellent impregnation toner without solvents). The product was used to make a loud "wet look" on long-lasting material.

How to treat a floor or terracotta tiles laid outside

Inserisci qui il sottotitolo


 22 September 2015

marbecdef2 | Trattamento cotto esterno

The treatment of terracotta laid outside to get a better cleanability and not stain the floor or wall tiling, drastically reduce the growth of algae and incrustations, preserve the beauty of the material.

Recovery and treatment of a terracotta ruined


 02 September 2015

marbecdef2 - Recupero e trattamento su un pavimento in cotto

The restoration was carried out on a terracotta floors affected by the phenomenon called "cooked smallpox". The surface had anti-aesthetic rounded white halos.

Treatment stain on the floor outside in teakwood

Il trattamento impregnante è stato effettuato con il nuovo prodotto marbecdef2- ORC IMPREGNATE


 19 June 2015

marbecdef2 - Trattamento di pavimento esterno in legno di teak

Antidegrado treatment of a teak Plank Flooring made from outside, carried out with ORC IMPREGANANTE our new oleo protective waxy resino under water.

Hardening treatment on dust in cement industrial paving


 11 June 2015

marbecdef2 - Trattamento indurente antipolvere su pavimento in cemento

Hardening treatment on dust in cement industrial paving



 08 April 2015

Pavimento in palladiana recuperato e protetto

The object of the intervention was the recovery and treatment of indoor flooring stone mosaic (Palladian) della Pieve di Roffeno. The first operation was carried out the cleaning of the surface dirt accumulated over the years and old residue treatments

Bologna Center


 02 April 2015

Rimozione dei graffiti su una facciata in pietra

The object of the intervention was the removal of graffiti on a stone facade of a room used for business in Bologna. The cleaning was made through the application of the product "mangiagraffiti" PULIGRAFF applied on the surface and then removed (after approximately 2 hours) with a pressure washer.

Villa in la Spezia


 02 April 2015

Come togliere la le macchie ruggine dai pavimenti

The object of the intervention was the rust Remover from a staircase in Carrara marble of a villa in La Spezia. The artifact was initially with showy beauty and rust deposits that interested him almost all elements of the staircase.

Farmhouse in Umbria


 20 March 2015

Trattamento bianco cotto fatto a mano

Treatment of a rustic terracotta floors with pigmented white effect

Hotels in Forte dei Marmi

Il recupero della superfici è stato fatto con SMACCHIO LEGNO e il trattamento con FLUOIL.


 11 March 2015

marbecdef2 - Applicazione di FLUOIL impregnante oleo-ceroso fluorurato per legno esterno

Recovering a damaged hardwood floor exterior atmospheric agents

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Christmas 2018: useful tips for preparing the house - Part One

How to clean the surfaces of the house before Christmas

External travertine: how to clean and protect it

 Fai da te
Ruined external surfaces? How to clean with Marbec products

Discovering a wonderful treatment on slate: the most beautiful work of September

 il lavoro più bello del mese
This month we have chosen as the most beautiful work the intervention performed on a delightful slate house