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5 methods (pi one) to Polish or remove stains on marble

Marmo in greco vuol dire roccia brillante. Ma per conservare questa caratteristica, bisogna combattere macchie, graffi e opacizzazioni. Vediamo 5 rimedi per pulire e lucidare il marmo macchiato.

Fai da te

Your marble become opaque. There the polished effect that made him appear so precious. Don->elem5<-t worry="" in="" this="" article="" we="" have="" prepared="" a="" review="" of="" em="">common methods to clean and Polish marble pi stained or opaque.

Methods to remove stains on marble are many: we have chosen effective ones and had them ranked in order of aggression. We also chose to propose of substances that will surely have at homesuch as hydrogen peroxide and baking soda.

Though it may seem, the marble a porous material and can absorb fats, oils or dyes that stain.

Even water and abrasives are enemies of polished marble. Both have the effect to make it opaque and make him miss all the gloss. A stained or opaque marble not nice to look at, right? Your marble sill became a color off. Your bathroom floor lost brilliance. The top of the hob has spots that don->elem5<-t go="" pi="" away="" since="" the="" last="" time="" you="" cooked="" chicken="" curry="" i="" know="" ugly="" but="" it="" happens="" to="" anyone="" with="" a="" marble="" surface="" p="">

Continue reading and learn the methods common to Remove stains from marblepi.

Attention to wine, oil and coffee!

Marble stain very easily. You should therefore be careful with those strong colours that could create spots showy. What are these drugs? Here is a partial list of substances that stain the marble:

  • wine, coffee and dark substances
  • turmeric, curry, cumin in other yellowish substances
  • fruit, juice and sugar based substances
  • the tomato sauce
  • water left to evaporate, especially if very hard
  • excess detergent to clean
  • excess wax Polish

As you can see these are threats that are normally present in your door and that the marble exposed every day.

Here we have collected simple and effective methods to remove stains on marble

Attention: our experts always recommend trying every remedy in a corner not visible on the surface to be treated, to see what effects has the substance. In this way you will avoid any damage to the surface.

Also, if you->elem5<-re not="" sure="" what="" the="" best="" method="" for="" you="" can="" start="" from="" least="" invasive="" and="" keep="" going="" until="" you-="">elem5<-ve deleted="" the="" stain="" in="" any="" case="" you="" should="" know="" that="" our="" experience="" don-="">elem5<-t need="" to="" get="" the="" bottom="" of="" list="" your="" clean="" marble="" p="">

So, are you ready to get started? Come on, towards a shiny marble!

First solution: a damp cloth

This is the place to start. Use this method in all cases where the marble hasn->elem5<-t absorbed="" the="" staining="" substance="" em="">. Wet the cloth with some hot water and pass it on the dirt. Careful not to rub too hard, you may scratch your marble, causing more harm than good.

After crossing the wet cloth very important to dry. If you let the water evaporate on the surface risks to find the marble made opaque with scale.

In some cases this does not suffice, and you have to add a step to aggression. So the next solution.

Second solution: hydrogen peroxide

To remove stains from marble polishing or sometimes you need a substance effective pi simple hot water. Hydrogen peroxide is right for you. The hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, a mixture of water and oxygen. Surely you know her as a disinfectant for wounds. Sappi, to which hydrogen peroxide has many uses, depending on the concentration. You know for example that was used as a propellant for rockets?

To you, for, the peroxide will serve for his power whitening and spotting. You will need to use ->elem5<- hydrogen="" peroxide="" at="" 10-12="" volumes="" yes="" you="" got="" it:="" the="" one="" that="" find="" supermarket="" and="" they="" sure="" do="" have="" in="" your="" medicine="" cabinet="" drugs="" p="">

How to use it? Simple. Wet a damp cloth, then wipe it on the stain. Hydrogen peroxide will expand the dirt from your marble top leaving it clean without the attack. Even in this case, be careful not to rub too because you may scratch the surface.

The stain does not go away again? Then it takes something more aggressive. Read on and find out what you can do.

Third solution: baking soda

The baking soda is another substance that definitely have and you can come in handy to remove stains or Polish the marble.

Remove stains on marble with baking soda is a very simple operation. Here->elem5<-s how="" you="" do="" it:="" knead="" a="" few="" tablespoons="" of="" marble="" with="" water="" be="" careful:="" your="" goal="" create="" kind="" mild="" abrasive="" paste="" to="" remove="" dirt="" baking="" soda="" in="" fact="" made="" by="" microgranules="" that="" produce="" action="" it="" is="" used="" whitening="" toothpastes="" p="">

By the same token, the baking soda also has a polishing effect. In short, with this method take two birds with one stone.

Fourth resolution: the SOAP

Now we enter the field of detergents. If until now the stains did not come out and the marble remains stained , you need an action more energetic. The SOAP is right for you. This product is a natural Cleanser with multiple uses. In the past, it was the SOAP and our grandfathers used it for everything: personal hygiene, laundry, cleaning the House.

Remove stains on marble one of endless uses of Marseille SOAP. Use a sponge soaked in SOAP: passing it on the stain and the Remove. You know what the great thing? The SOAP can be used in combination with baking soda. In this way join the abrasive effect the cleaning effect, giving more cleaning power to your intervention.

Remove stains from marble polishing or opaque in this way will be very effective. But beware: even in this case you don->elem5<-t need="" to="" rub="" too="" hard="" em="">, otherwise you will scratch the marble. We will not tire of repeating it.

Fifth resolution: a cleaner for marble

This the ultimate solution to be implemented when the rest was ineffective. Do not use any detergent should haunt. You have to look for a non-acid that ruin heavily marble. Instead, you->elem5<-ll need="" to="" take="" a="" strong="">delicate product, you can vary the concentration in the water and that you can trust. Dilute the product in a bucket of water and pass it with a soft cloth over the surface to be cleaned. In the case of large surfaces or floors, you better get a maintenance kit like this, to remove stains and Polish marble, where you->elem5<-ll find="" a="" href="/it/catalogo-prodotti/Pulitore-Detergente-Concentrato-Igienizzante-Universale-Unipul.html" title="Detergente universale igienizzante concentrato" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" data-mce-href="/it/catalogo-prodotti/Pulitore-Detergente-Concentrato-Igienizzante-Universale-Unipul.html">cleaner for marble, a polishing wax for marble, a white pad, indispensable to remove the signs and a useful fleece wax spreader.

When completely ineffective: call the experts

This is the most extreme solution. If everything has failed, if you weren->elem5<-t able="" to="" remove="" stains="" or="" polish="" your="" tarnished="" marble="" you="" just="" have="" call="" the="" professionals="" there="" are="" many="" companies="" that="" will="" do="" a="" good="" job="" if="" don-="">elem5<-t know="" who="" to="" turn="" a="" href="../cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#0525666a6b716471716c456864776760662b6c713a7670676f60667138536a7777606c25686462626c6a776c256c6b636a7768647f6c6a6b6c25767025666a686025Xsmacchiare una superficie in marmo" rel="nofollow" data-mce-href="../cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#0525666a6b716471716c456864776760662b6c713a7670676f60667138536a7777606c25686462626c6a776c256c6b636a7768647f6c6a6b6c25767025666a686025Xsmacchiare una superficie in marmo">send us an email, and we->elem5<-ll help="" you="" find="" the="" best="" professionals="" in="" your="" area="" p="">

Contact us

Did you follow all our recommendations and still haven->elem5<-t had="" any="" results="" the="" stains="" persist="" despite="" your="" best="" efforts="" do="" you="" have="" a="" particularly="" sensitive="" area="" and="" you-="">elem5<-re afraid="" to="" ruin="" it="" you="" want="" some="" advice="" on="" which="" products="" choose="" from="" remove="" stains="" marble="" contact="" us="" again:="" we="" will="" put="" your="" questions="" our="" team="" of="" professionals="" answer="" in="" no="" time="" p="">

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