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Oiled or varnished parquet? This is the (fake) dilemma

Oliata o verniciata, ogni finitura per parquet ha vantaggi e svantaggi. La vernice è considerata pratica, la finitura a olio bella. Ma è davvero così? Scopriamolo insieme.

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The parquet certainly among the most beautiful types of floor covering. Wood, natural and living material, provides a feeling of warmth and well-being for the warm and welcoming.

As noted, there are many varieties of parquet. The main parameters of choice concerning the essences of wood, the quality of the same, the possibility of having solid wood strips, or laminated in layers. However, any floor you choose, you certainly will apply a finish.

The fixtures will serve both to protect the parquet from any aggressive agents, both to give the wood the hue of color you want. But what finishes are available?

Varnished or oiled: the choice is yours

Although there are many products, the choice of finishes boils down to two options: oiled or varnished. As you will see, each has advantages and disadvantages. Let->elem5<-s see="" what="" are="" the="" key="" so="" you="" can="" choose="" one="" or="" other="" finish="" p="">

Parquet varnish finish: convenience at the expense of beauty

How easy to guess from the name, to run this finish is applied a coat of paint on the floor. The paint creates a surface film more or less transparent. This layer has two main functions:

  • It serves to give a color tone to parquet;
  • Forms a protective layer that render the flooring scratches and stain resistant fluids.

The advantages of this surface treatment are different. Here are the main ones:

  • The flooring is easy to clean: the paint cleans easily with a damp cloth;
  • PI scratch resistant;
  • The choice of color tone very wide;
  • Doesn->elem5<-t need="" an="" ongoing="" maintenance="" li="">

These features

This type of finishing for presents not a few disadvantages:

  • The scratches don->elem5<-t remove="" pi:="" when="" you="" scratch="" remains="" in="" plain="" sight="" li="">
  • The paint wears out: with unpleasant effects from an aesthetic point of view;
  • very shiny and reflects light: this d to parquet look "plasticky";
  • The economic costs less the paint finish pi.

Because of these limitations, the parquet with paint finish is damaged and needs the intervention of 10-15 years none each. The craftsman cartegger the parquet, removing the paint and with it a layer of wood that can even reach up to one millimeter. clear that such treatment to the end consumer the parquet. That->elem5<-s because="" there="" is="" also="" the="" oil="" finish="" p="">

The oil saturates the wood fibers

Oil-based finishes are acting differently. Unlike paint, the oil covers the surface, but impregnates the wood fibers. This mechanism allows to preserve the Visual characteristics of the wood that takes this causes a natural color.

A wooden floor takes a worn look as time goes on, because the oil impregnates more and more in depth, giving it a radiant look and hot.

However, not being covered by a protective layer, the parquet olied much more sensitive. Scratch and stain very easily and cannot be used on heated floors. Needs a continuous maintenance with suitable products, and also the treatment of oil paint treatment expensive parquet pi.

However the plus points of oil than the parquet flooring to paint are numerous:

  • the scratches are easily repaired: clean regularly with a product for floors oak hides scratches and renews the patina on the floor;
  • the surface is not consumed: the parquet olied virtually indestructible;
  • the oil finish gives a natural appearance and warm wood;

The good news that an oiled parquet can be almost always cleaned with suitable products while with a coated parquet instead, son.

Do the math, between oiled and varnished, painted better

According to what has been said so far, it would seem that the oiled and varnished finish are a contrast irreducible. It would also seem that in the name of convenience of varnished parquet you should sacrifice the beauty and warmth of a real wood floor. This is a false dilemma. Let->elem5<-s see="" why="" p="">

In recent years, industrial research has produced very advanced oil finishes. These products have made the care of parquet oil finished much more simple.

These are products that do not damage the wood and allow the color effects oiled parquet very pleasing.

Here are some examples:

And if you need to make the full treatment, these are the finishings for wood floors you need!

Therefore, oiled or varnished parquet? Oiled, thanks!

After all we have said, we can only recommend the oiled parquet. You have a floor that is easy to manage, that invecchier together with your home and render daily pi bella.

Hardwood floors are a huge topic. In the coming weeks will touch on other topics related to wood floors. Shall allow you little-known aspects of cos to deepen this charming wooden floor.

Now it->elem5<-s up="" to="" you="" tell="" us="" your="" experiences="" do="" prefer="" oil="" or="" wax-finished="" finished="" parquet="" p="">

Do you have any other topics related to cleaning and maintenance of floors you want to hear about? Write to us and in the coming weeks we will tackle the topics pi required!

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