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Cleaning the oven: how to remove stains and encrustations

Alcuni consigli su come provvedere alla pulizia straordinaria e ordinaria di forno e barbecue

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In the previous article we gave you some tips on cleaning stainless steel surfaces; Now we stay always in the kitchen and find out some tips on how to keep always shiny and clean the oven with a few simple steps!

The oven definitely a very convenient tool, and important, but sometimes we give up using it for one simple reason: who will clean?

Can happen that it will eventually form deposits that are hard to remove, if not with much patience and elbow grease, but now we->elem5<-ll see="" how="" using="" the="" right="" em="">cleaning products even the routine maintenance of the oven can become a simple gesture, without wasting too much time and effort!

Clean the oven in a few gestures

In the oven you can accumulate grease, carbon and lampblack and if get overlooked or treated with little effect their removal can be difficult and demanding. The solution to this problem PULIFORNO.

PULIFORNO the strong degreaser gel, specifically for the kitchen cleaning ovens and barbecue. In a few gestures also removes stubborn residues pi and thanks to its texture is easy to apply even on vertical surfaces.

How do I use PULIFORNO?

First, before proceeding with the application, wearing a pair of gloves to avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Spread the product on the surface with paper or with a brush in plastic fibres and let it act at least 10-20 minutes. Next, remove the product from the surface with paper and just rub it with a kitchen cloth. Finally, rinse everything.

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