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Cleaning the external surfaces and floors

Come eliminare le macchie formate da muschio, alghe e licheni sulle superfici esterne?

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In this article we will explain what are the main causes of biological stains forming on walls, surfaces and outdoor walkways and how to eliminate them effectively.

Why are formed on the external surfaces Moss, algae and Lichen?

The outer surfaces, being exposed to the elements and to climate change, are subject to the formation of organic coatings consisting of algae, MOSS and lichen and a particular type of encrustation commonly called black crust.

Mosses usually form in wetlands,where there are plenty of water and shutters in sparsely lit. Let them proliferate on surfaces can create over time damage to surfaces. Slowly they can penetrate in depth and create cracks in materials. Lichens instead manage to proliferate even in the total absence of light; derive in fact from the Union of a fungus and an alga, feed on each other, so they don't need to clorofiliana synthesis. Their training is still very special conditions and require certain values of relative humidity. Therefore, apart from an aesthetic point of view, the presence of these biological patinas can cause serious damage over time to the surfaces and damage them.

How to remove stains without risking further damage the surfaces?

Is there a specific cleaning product to remove organic stains from the external surfaces: ALGANET.

ALGANET remove the Biofouling and algae, mosses and other fouling pi difficult. This product also has a strong power Sanitizer on materials and develop an effective pi action than conventional cabdeggina. ALGANET can be used on all surfaces and stone materials outdoors such as brick, natural stone, cement, Gres. .....

How do I use Alganet?

To use this product just dissolve it in a clean plastic bucket: for part by weight of Alganet 6-8 parts water should be added. For example, if we put in the bucket 1 kg of Alganet, we need to add 6/8 litres of water. If the product is even more effective should use hot water. At this point the product can be applied by brush. simply wet the surface to be treated and leave product for pi as possible. Finally rinse with water to remove all dirt.

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