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How to clean a porcelain stoneware floor mat

Come pulire un pavimento in gres porcellanato opaco e proteggerlo dallo sporco

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You have a floor mat stoneware? We bet that whenever you clean remains stained by glows, stripes, prints and chi pi ne has more ne metta? Don->elem5<-t worry="" you-="">elem5<-re not="" alone="" the="" unglazed="" porcelain="" tiles="" one="" of="" most="" difficult="" to="" remove="" stains="" and="" dirt="" but="" fear="" not:="" we="" have="" solution="" in="" this="" article="" explain="" strong="">How to clean a porcelain stoneware floor Matts effortlessly. Before you know how to do it from the beginning: because the stoneware cos hard to clean?

Una bella cucina con il pavimento in gres porcellanato opaco grigio

Microporosit, the cause of stains on porcelain tile

What commonly is called gres Parmar a mixture of clays and materials of various types. All types of porcelain tiles, from those small, pink, 10 x 10 large ones, glazed wall tile and similar to terracotta, are made of a mixture of fine dusts, which is kneaded and baked in an oven at a temperature of 1200 degrees.

At the end of this process you get very abrasion resistant, waterproof and very long life: porcelain stoneware. Stoneware features make an obstacle to a perfect material to manufacture tiles and other covering materials.

If by hand the production process creates a very resistant material, on the other hand we have a disadvantage. Porcelain tile a microporous material. This means that its structure has microscopic pores. in these pores that lurks the dirt that then cos hard to remove.

To effectively clean the opaque porcelain then we must take into account the fact that it a microporous material.

How to clean porcelain tile: do not use products

How many times have you struggled against dirt on your floor->elem5<-s natural="" stoneware="" fingerprints="" streaks="" stains:="" just="" drop="" a="" of="" water="" and="" creating="" huge="" mess="" you-="">elem5<-ve tried="" everything:="" strong="">even the steam. Not to mention the detergents, of all brands, perfumes and colors. But nothing, your porcelain stoneware floor remains marked by dirt after despite repeated washings. Isn->elem5<-t it="" p="">

You reveal one thing: the problem just in detergents you use:

Supermarket detergents are there that prevents your porcelain tile to be cleaned

Amazing isn->elem5<-t it="" until="" now="" you="" have="" used="" the="" strong="">products pi advertised, expensive ones, perfumed, certified but nothing: your matte stoneware floor remains dirty and full of halos.

The problem that the supermarket detergents containing surfactants. These chemical compounds are the active ingredients of most cleaners. They loosen the dirt and make it washable. Also, lower the surface tension of the water making it "wet".

Well, just that it needs to do a detergent, no? Yes: but this is not true for porcelain floor tiles. When you wash a floor made in this material, the surfactants in detergents from supermarket remain on the surface. When water dropped on the floor, these surfactants which settled earlier melt and penetrate into the micropores. And here the Halo formed and the floor looks smudged.

Un pavimento in gres porcellanato grigio

Then here is a reply to the question "how to clean porcelain tile?"

To clean the porcelain tile, use a detergent without surfactants.

Such a product exists but you have to look good. For this I recommend one us. It->elem5<-s called="" a="" href="/it/catalogo-prodotti/Pulitore-Detergente-Concentrato-Gres-lindo.html" title="Scheda prodotto di GRES LINDO, detergente per gres porcellanato opaco" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" data-mce-href="/it/catalogo-prodotti/Pulitore-Detergente-Concentrato-Gres-lindo.html">GRES LINDO, a concentrated detergent studied for microporous composite flooring. To loosen the dirt Gres Lindo does not use surfactants but a composition of inorganic salts. The inorganic salts such as sodium or potassium they clean the floor, but do not leave the layer of surfactants which create halos. Depending on the concentration of the product you can use ordinary cleaning PORCELAIN LINDO so much as for the extraordinary cleaning.

You->elem5<-ll see="" that="" after="" spending="" gres="" lindo="" on="" the="" floor="" halos="" and="" stains="" will="" disappear="" p="">

Would you like more information about how to remove stains from your porcelain stoneware floor?Contact Us! Our experts will give you all the information about the product and how to use it.

A stain to have a matte stoneware always clean

OK, we->elem5<-ve eliminated="" the="" halos="" but="" not="" enough="" why="" don-="">elem5<-t you="" dare="" more="" and="" strong="">protect the porcelain stoneware floor tilesso that you do not m pi? It seems a task suitable for a product mangiasporco!

The perfect product for this task AGAINST DIRTY. It is a water-based protective that to act does not use solvents: perfect for homes with children. DIRT designed for microporous materials such as porcelain Parker. Sprinkles DIRT on the surface, in small amounts, until evenly distributed: 3 to 6 months from cleaning you give on your floor. Clean the porcelain tile has never been so easy!

Would you like more information on how to keep your porcelain stoneware floor?Contact Us! Our experts will give you all the information about the product and how to use it.

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