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Cleaning and treating terracotta: pi in the month of November

Questo mese parliamo della pulizia e del trattamento di un pavimento in sestini di cotto

Il lavoro piu bello del mese

This month between contract work with our professional products for cleaning,we decided to talk of an intervention is well managed, run from the cleaning crew Parayno.

We are located in the heart of one of the most beautiful cities of Italy, Bologna, just below the Asinelli Tower.

To performthe cleaning and treatment of floor terracotta exterior sestini this beautiful terrace,the company chose Marbec perch with its products guarantees a professional performance and high quality finishes.

Here is a picture of the terrace after using our treatments

Terrace with tiled floor

And here instead as it appeared the terrace before treatment:

Terrace before surgery with Marbec products

The floor was dirty construction lime, cement and salt efflorescence due to pose.

What products have been used to achieve this result?

In this article we illustrate the steps taken and cooked products Marbec pros use.

The sestini are a type of flooring used much for outsiders; in our case we are on a beautiful terrace situated in the historic centre of Bologna.

1. cleaning of cotto: dirt removal from floors

The specialized cleaning company Parayno, chose to remove the dirt with detergent VIACEM, using a single brush with Brown disk 3 m, specifically for cleaning of cooked and rinsed with plenty of water.

VIACEM ideal for cleaning surfaces in cooked and all materials are resistant to strong acids. Effectively removes efflorescence and mineral deposits, cementitious slurry posing, lime paints and superficial deposits of rust.

VIACEMcharacterised by strong descaling and high emulsifying power of dirt.

2. Professional treatment for protection and maintenance of surfaces

Once you have finished cleaning, ran the professional treatment to make terracotta Sahil as new.

Once the area was clean and dry surface treatment applied to TIMand to follow05 PAV.

TIM the humidity lifts and stain protection for cotto and high drain stones.

Professionals who have spoken on this work used a soft cloth to apply the product on the surface.

The important things to remember:

  • Shake well before use
  • The surface must be wet evenly
  • blot any excess during the drying phase.

TIM applies to saturation in:

1 handmade pure > on medium-high absorption materials in Interior

2 hands-pure > on materials with high absorption and consistent humidity lifts.

The application of the second coat must be made as soon as the first was absorbed or dry.

Professional cleaning company have been waiting for 12 hours and returned a second time on the site to finish the work.

3. terracotta surface protection

been applied a coat of PAV05, the product that protects the bricklaid in outsidefrom the aggression of atmospheric agentswith a soft cloth stretching a thin layerand homogeneous wetting the superficice without making her cruel excesses. Generally for this product just pass one hand and dries quickly, usually in 2 or 3 hours.

We recommend that you apply PAV05twice each year, at the beginning and end of summer.


Sun treated under the Torre degli Asinelli (Bologna) with Marbec products

Sole executrix of the work:

Cleaning company Wilson

Viale Kennedy 11

Google + page of Wilson

The page Facebook Wilson company

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