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Abbey of Santa Cecilia of Croara, work more beautiful than February

Intervento di trattamento e pulizia cotto nell'Abbazia patrimonio dell'UNESCO

Il lavoro piu bello del mese

This month we decided to talk about the intervention of treatment and cleaning of brickwork, performed in the Abbey of Santa Cecilia of Croara by Saints Ivano di Zocca.

An old convent, a UNESCO World Heritage site

In San Lazzaro di Savena, in the province of Bologna, surrounded by a splendid view of the Bologna plain, the ancient Abbey of Santa Cecilia della Croara.

The first document that testifies to the presence of the Abbey dates from the eleventh century, but its origins are even more ancient and original overall structure remains today the Church, the Bell Tower, the cloister, the former convent and some works contained within; a historical and architectural heritage of humanity according toUNESCO->elem5<-s statement.

Interventions in these kind of places obviously must be treated in a special way and with a lot of attention, so we have decided to choose among the various works that have come down to us as the work more in the month of February.

Surgery treatment and cleaning of handmade cotto

The professionals of the firm Saints Ivano have divided the intervention in 4 stages ranging from pre-treatment at final treatment of cotto. As mentioned, these types of interventions are very delicate for this absolutely important that all steps in the cleaning and treatment of terracotta surface be performed carefully and professionally.


As in this case of ahandmade, was required for further a period of pretreatment with HYDRO-WIP before Grouting.

This type of treatment for the terracotta preventsdrying stages of salt efflorescences and encrustations difficult to remove, as well as facilitating the operations of Grouting and washing systems, dramatically reducing the execution time of the treatments.


Once the grout on the surface, the pros have sanded the surface to give it an antique effect very similar to that of the originalterracotta flooring .


We are in the middle phase of the operation, i.e. the stage of treatment and cleaning of floors. The best product to treat this type of surface and VIACEMspecific descaling detergent for terracotta and pottery. VIACEM effectively removes deposits and limestone that compared to conventional muriatic acid, exhales less corrosive fumes and has an action of dissolution pi controlled.



The professionals of the firm Saints Ivano have used all products under water and some of them have applied pi steps since the surface in cooked by hand especially absorbent.

With this type of treatments here below we are going to list, possible to get excellent long-lasting results, which facilitate maintenance:

1 hand of TIMprotettivo water-oil repellent treatment specific water-based anti-humidity lifts and stain for terracotta surfaces.

1 hand of EXCEL PLUSprotettivo oil based water which effectively protects against stains baked without altering the appearance and tone of the color of the material.

2 hands of PRIMA MANO MAGAZINE, the primer water based high dust protection ability of accession on material that dusty surfaces avoiding the dust riaggrega.

2 coats ofstain-resistant initore rowIDROFIN MATTand dirt-repellentwater emulsion based Matt emanatedthat resino-waxy material.

Firm that performed the treatment


Via Mauro Tesi 2342/A

41059 Zocca (MO) 44.

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