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Hardening treatment on dust in cement industrial paving


The object of the intervention been hardening and dust treatment of industrial flooring of concrete new construction of a shed used as a warehouse in the town of Prato. The product used was the SILIDUR, mixture of lithium and potassium silicate.


SILIDUR-curing Silicate surface dust in cement agglomerate, coating Increases the resistance to stains, wear and abrasion. Gives shine to treated material

The product (water based) penetrates into the material, forming insoluble compounds with high chemical and mechanical resistance, increasing the hardness and compactness of the surface giving it ownership and reduction of dust porosit. SILIDUR gives shine to the surface without need of further treatment. Odourless, non-flammable product and VOC-free. SILIDUR not a film forming product and does not alter significantly the excellent material.

The work was performed by the company:

Firm Luigi Bernardi-Prato-Cell. 347/0706978- [email protected]

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